Tuesday, Vietnam asked favor to China to pull back military items from the South China Sea, following media reports this month that China had introduced rockets there. Vietnamese Foreign Ministry representative Le Thi Thu Hang said in an announcement, alluding toward the South China Sea that Vietnam asks for that China, as a huge nation, demonstrates its duty in keeping up peace and strength in the East Sea.

Le Thi Thu Hang | Image from VTC / Tùng Đinh

The announcement came after U.S. news organize CNBC revealed for the current month that China had introduced hostile to send journey rockets and surface-to-air rocket frameworks on three of its stations in the South China Sea, referring to sources with coordinate learning of U.S. insight reports.

Vietnam and China have been involved in sea debate in parts of the South China Sea, where China claims 90 percent of the conceivably vitality rich oceanic domain. Hang said in the announcement posted on the service's site on Tuesday that Vietnam is to a great degree worried about the data, as revealed, and reaffirms that all militarization exercises, including the establishment of rockets on the Spratly islands, is a genuine infringement of Vietnam's sway.

The establishments, if affirmed, would check the primary Chinese rocket arrangements in the South China Sea, where other Asian nations including Taiwan, the Philippines and Brunei, have match claims.

China has made no specification of any rocket arrangements however says its military offices in the Spratlys are absolutely guarded, and that it can do what it enjoys individually an area.

China's claimed on the island has been made since before where a long time ago, and as per online rumors the island was already occupied by Chinese and it grows slowly by slowly.