Voodoo Museum has voodoo items and it seems Antonio Trillanes IV's face is everywhere.

It appears that previous Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo "Pulong" Duterte needed to do everything just to make a retribution against the man who blamed him for being an individual from a Chinese illegal drug group of three.

Image from Facebook/Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte-Official

The child of President Rodrigo Duterte, Pulong, in his most recent post,  put the picture of Senator Trillanes on the highest point of voodoo dolls at a witchcraft historical center in New Orleans, USA.

The Voodoo Museum is known for their accumulations of dolls and different things utilized for witchcraft and reviling. Also, obviously, Pulong shared what he droned while the Senator's representation was put there.

He said on his Facebook post "Now you! The frogs will come out from your mouth and the nails from your anus".

Enthusiasts of Pulong Duterte additionally assisted the previous Vice Mayor with chanting. Some of them longed that witchcraft truly exists.

A year ago, Trillanes blamed Duterte for being an individual from an illegal medication set of three, drug triad.

Amid the senate hearing on the ₱6.4 billion shabu case, Trillanes even asked the previous Vice Mayor to take off his shirt to reveal his tattoo at the back that could demonstrate that he's an individual from a Chinese illegal drug syndicate.

Notwithstanding, Pulong declined the demand of Trillanes.

A week ago, the Office of the Ombudsman cleared Paolo Duterte from the charges of Senator Antonio Trillanes that he was engaged with the delivery of illicit medications/drugs.

Pulong is the eldest son of the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and currently the Vice Mayor of Davao City.