On the 21st of May in an "It's Showtime" scene, Vice Ganda, one of the hosts of the show, shared his story on how he discovered importance and reason throughout everyday life. He portrayed that sooner or later, he felt so pitiful and discharge in spite of his effective profession in the stage.

He clarified that 'the reason why he is lonely is, he hasn't seen his reason [why he is living] in this world'. At that point, the host-comedian-singer, uncovered that he nearly quit.

Image from Twitter @vicegandako

He even the extent that conversing with Star Cinema and ABS-CBN's administration to drop the greater part of his motion pictures and shows. He said that 'the villain is simply playing around his brain. Making him believe that he is lonely so that he won't make people laugh anymore'.

Along these lines, Vice understood his actual reason in this world. He said that 'his motivation is to influence individuals to chuckle. Like this old folks, they forgot that they have illnesses. Just like those mothers and fathers that we've been with, hopefully will live many more years. Like those recent college graduates who are discourage and thinking of ending their lives, they would acknowledge [thru comedy] that life is still wonderful'.

'I discovered my motivation and now I promise that I won't quit. I will keep on making everybody cheerful. Since for whatever length of time that you are glad, I am upbeat. I am serving you and I'm serving God', Vice said. He additionally expressed gratitude toward God for picking him among numerous to spread satisfaction. He shared that amid one of his shows, one gathering of people asked for him to sing the well known 'Whoops kiri' for her youngster who was enduring a mental imbalance.

At the point when Vice went to converse with them, the kid sang the whole melody. He at that point acknowledged how much effect he had on individuals. Vice ended with thoughts with, ' that is why I should not stop to make y'all happy'. It's consoling to realize that even big names experience the same existential emergency the majority of us encounter.

Life would always make us think about what our future will be. Are we satisfied for what we become? Do we find things happy at the moment? Does something make as lack?

Those are some questions we definitely ask --- that people sometimes get tired and lose hope. But to see things in a bright path, not getting worried about what our life would be then, and we think of others, that you are living a life not for yourself, but for the people around you --- like making them your motivation, and thinking that you can be the reason on why they would have an amazing life, then think of that. The fire within you should not be blown off, because your fire can be their reason why they are still holding on in life.

Just pray, and have trust in the Most Powerful One.

Video Courtesy of Facebook/Vice Ganda