In Universal Studios Japan (Osaka), sixty-four travelers were left stuck upside down in a 100 feet over-the-ground roller coaster rail in a span of two hours, and this is after the ride was broken --- on Tuesday.

The amusement park said that an incident in a Flying Dinosaur roller coaster happened after it's two carriages slowed down halfway through the 1,100-meter ride on Tuesday---with riders suspended in a flying position around 30 meters over the ground.

Image from Asahi

The Osaka stop, stuffed with occasion creators amid Japan's 'Brilliant (Golden) Week' arrangement of occasions, said the greater part of the riders were cleared securely.

The last riding passenger needed to hold up for two hours before being brought to the ground.

The administration of the recreation center apologized and expressed that the issue was caused by an engine controlling gadget on the rails. The ride continued task after repairs and security checks. In any case, numerous were excessively frightened, making it impossible to get on.

One lady going by the recreation center told the Times that it is frightening to think [about] on the off chance that they had been ready. She would prefer not to ride it any longer.

Another lady who rode the ride quickly before it slowed down said that it is as of now a startling ride, so she needs them to work it [the ride] securely.

No wounds were accounted for among the 64 travelers on the Jurassic Park-propelled Flying Dinosaur crazy ride.

In this kind of business, this kind of situations are possible, yet this situations can be prevented if the in-house workers check and secure the system every time a ride is going to go.

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