By calling a fellow worker "handsome" amid a live broadcast, well known Kuwaiti TV presenter was as of late suspended by the company she's working with --- as per Khaleej Times. The TV presenter, who will likewise confront an administration test for making such a comment on air, had remarked on her partner amid Kuwait Television's live scope of the nation's civil races which occurred over the previous end of the week.

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A video demonstrating the TV host endeavoring to alarm her associate, Nawaf Al Sharraki, that he was on air subsequent to finding that he was attempting to alter his headgear, has turned into a web sensation on the web. The moderator can be heard saying in the viral video that 'Nawaf, you don't have to change your headgear, you're 'handsome' as it seems to be'.

With the video getting to be viral on the Internet, requests for activity against the TV host additionally became louder. As per Al Qabas daily paper, the moderator's remark started shock among a portion of the nation's best authorities to such an extent that a Kuwaiti parliamentarian, Mohammad Al Hayef, , made an open tweet to the Gulf state's Minister of Information, Mohammad Al Jaberi, looking for activity against the lady.

Viral video of the TV Presenter heard saying "handsome" to his fellow worker | Video source: YouTube/moon cate

In any case, a source was cited as saying that the host's suspension was transitory and any move will be made against her simply after the issue is completely tested. Numerous in the Ministry of Information trust that the moderator put forth the expression accidentally.

Others were offended that the administration appeared to go into overdrive over an innocuous joke.