President Duterte said that if the Philippines demanded its oceanic claims in the South China Sea, it would result to trouble or inconvenience. Duterte focused on he is available to a joint investigation with China to maintain a strategic distance from struggle, rather than going up against the military of China.

Image from Reuters/Romeo Ranoco

He emphasized that the Philippines does not have the ability to announce war on China, including that a contention would just outcome in the slaughter of Filipino warriors. On Saturday, President Duterte said amid the opening of the oil and gas generation of the Alegria oil field in Cebu, "You know, whether you demand, there will be inconvenience. To the Chinese, what does it intend to you? War. What will we arm ourselves with if there's a war? Will we depend on slapping each other? So will we have the capacity to win that war? In the event that my troops are slaughtered, after the war, the fighters and police will come after me next. Our troops will truly be done off there".

Duterte made the comment a day after Chinese paper People's Daily detailed that China had conveyed long-extend planes on Woody Island in the Paracels in the South China Sea. With the organization, the Philippines is currently inside the range of Chinese planes, as indicated by Washington-based research organization Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative.

China guarantees basically the whole South China Sea while the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Taiwan have covering claims.

China's whole case was voided by a United Nations-supported arbitral council in 2016, however the Chinese government does not perceive the decision, which likewise granted the Philippines sovereign rights more than a few regions in the West Philippine Sea including 'Panganiban'.

Experts have focused on that the arbitral decision enables the Philippines to state its sovereign rights in the South China Sea, with global help, without turning to war. Duterte affirmed China has air resources that could achieve the Philippines in minutes. He inquired that 'on the off chance that we go to an out and out war, where might the Philippines wind up? For what reason would I give away the lives of my warriors and policemen in a fight which I can't win?"

National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. said the Philippines had long thought about China's arrival planes on Woody Island. Esperon said that 'there is an airplane terminal there, so what do you anticipate? Airplane would normally arrive there'. Esperon clarified that the nation has been worried about such exercises of China and the administration has a method for managing it.

In any case, Esperon rushed to call attention to that if China's goal was to hit the Philippines as its objective, at that point there is no compelling reason to utilize the aircraft that land in Woody Island. He said that 'China has rockets or the ICBM that could undoubtedly contact us without utilizing the aircraft'.

Duterte, as far as it matters for him, denied assertions that he didn't successfully secure Philippine interests in the West Philippine Sea, the part of South China Sea being guaranteed by Manila. He said he educated Chinese President Xi Jinping about his intend to penetrate oil in the South China Sea amid their gathering in 2016. Duterte stated, citing the Chinese chief that 'try not to trust that I didn't take care of the issue, that I simply let it be. I let him know [Xi] this straight the first occasion when I stated, I'm going there to burrow my oil.' And then he said... 'We have quite recently progressed toward becoming companions and we have recently started to become more acquainted with each other. How about we not destroy the relationship that we have'. He added that 'presently, am I arranged to go to war against them? We don't have enough firearms'.

The President said he was available to China's offer to hold a joint investigation in the South China Sea. Duterte pushed that 'we don't need to battle. We can isolate this in a joint improvement, joint investigation'.

He included that 'and after that we'll give you a greater offer as opposed to battle. It's just America who's stressed on the grounds that they lost a domain. You're the ones who started things out. I was simply new and after that you adjusted the blackguard's purposeful publicity'. Duterte said he and Xi would discuss a joint investigation 'sometime in the future'. The President has faulted the United States and the Aquino organization for their gathered inability to stop China's military development in the South China Sea.

The Philippines won in the international court and Duterte said that why didn't Aquino do his job on taking care of it, why wait for his [Aquino] term to end.