Ellen Adarna was with John Lloyd Cruz when they were eating in a famous ramen food house in Makati City. After that great food dealing, Ellen's Instagram story was having a photo she took inside the restaurant of a girl who she thought paparazziing them.

The image taken was a photograph of the young lady holding her mobile phone pointed at the other individual she was with captioning, "When you PAP us, we PAP you as well. It's a tie". It was followed with another image of the young lady evidently looking awkward subsequently to gettin discovered taking a video of her.

Image from Instagram @maria.elena.adarna

The issue then got viral on different social media platforms.

Hours after the video was posted, the young lady found in the clasp got some answers concerning it and took to Twitter her reaction. 

As per Eleila (@Eleiluh), they were calmly eating ramen when it happened. They never saw that Ellen was there and she was just taking a video of their nourishment to post on her story.

To go down her claim, she posted the video that she took of her beau eating ramen and a brisk panning of her camera around the ramen put.

The tweet instantly circulated around the web gaining almost 10k retweets and 44k likes, and as yet checking. Her reaction in the end got to Ellen herself. She at that point posted a progression of recordings on her story clarifying from her viewpoint.

Ellen brought up that Eleila's response in the video demonstrated that she's liable; underlining how she didn't comprehend what to do and she looked extremely cognizant. These were all evidently in light of the fact that she was found by Ellen snapping shots of her.

The 31 year-old celebrity needed (in-attempt) to request the erasure of the young lady's video recording however she'd rather responded in taking a photograph and a video of them as well. She over and over underscored Eleila's non-verbal communication. Be that as it may, the story doesn't end there on the grounds that once more, Eleila responded to Ellen's Instagram posts---not in any case an hour after her video reactions. Taking a gander at the issue from her perspective, she conceded she didn't see she was even there. She prevented all from securing Ellen's allegations.

She finished the string with a straightforward update for everybody in the business that as a celebrity, he/she ought to be proficient in tackling such things. What's more, what she did was in certainty untrustworthy as well as illicit.

The young lady then said that 'on the off chance that she knew she was at a blame, she would let it out but that's it she truly did not know that Ellen and JLC was captured, if her story was wrong for Ellen she couldve went up against her in the eatery'.

Many citizens are on her part supporting her. A netizen left a response saying that the girl looks like a decent and rich kid who preferred international artist than locals, and it was Ellen's mistake for posting a photo without the young lady's consent.

A lot of online people as well support Ellen. In fact, another netizen said that the video captured by the young lady shows Ellen took the video at the very beginning which simply means the young lady took a photo or another video of the celebrity couple before the other video she posted was recorded. The video could be cut as well.

Video from Twitter @Eleiluh

We don't know what really happen in the restaurant, we just hope that both of them will have a time to talk about it and mend it, instead of discussing their perspectives.