This is a trendy moment for Sutteerak Hair Salon which is situated in Chanthanimit, Mueang Chanthaburi District in Thailand.

It as of late opened their second branch last Wednesday of May 2nd.

Image from Next Shark

It is common to new establishments to open with a bang---promos, discounts, special gimmicks, and more---for people to give it a try and see if it suits them and be back as a regular customer.

Some businesses would offer rebates or a one-time deal for the customers to join in and see if the service would serve them great, but with Sutteerak Hair Salon they offered a crazy offer, a 10% part markdown which is useful for a year and they enlisted 4 gorgeous hot models to engage with their customers. Who wouldn't like to give it a try?

These men assisted the clients from entrance to exit. They can likewise wash and dry your hair while being topless.

We're simply not certain how these men adapted to the chilly air in the salon. They stunningly dealt with this better than average. Obviously, being additional, women can likewise ask for a photo with them yet there's a contort, some of them were carried like a mermaid by these amazing men.

Nonetheless, this engaging advancement went on for a day as a limited time gig for Sutteerak Hair Salon.

Image from Next Shark

This is a decent promoting procedure and I'm certain it pulled in such huge numbers of clients and for the individuals who couldn't go to their one-day undertaking, beyond any doubt enough, they are longing for one more day loaded with attractive men to spoil them.

Thailand is known for their culture welcoming gays in the society. They are also having a lot of tourist spots and of course, gorgeous men just like what Sutteerak Hair Salon hired.