The second day of Tawag Ng Tanghalan will have the 1st placers of every semi-finals' quarters including the Global and Ultimate Resbak quarters performed later this afternoon.

The first day of the Finals was over, and Arabelle was in the lead. The set of that battle was intense as well, as they were the 2nd placers of every semi-finals' quarters including the Global and Ultimate Resbak quarters.

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Today, it will be a battle between 6 first placers on their time, Jovany Satera of Quarter 1 VS Anton Antenorcruz of Quarter 2 VS Steven Paysu of Global VS Tuko delos Reyes of Quarter 3 VS Janine Berdin of Quarter 4 VS Ato Arman of Ultimate Resbak.

Six powerhouse vocalists that will fight for a spot in the Final 6 that will be battling their heart out in the main Grand Finals this coming 2nd of June.

This would be so intense since all of them were voted by people the most, and scored by judges the highest during their individual winning time.

Jovany who sings classic songs and has a great move every time he sings would not fight low for his dreams. Anton whose charm is phenomenal, and a voice with a soul would not allow anyone to crash his journey into pieces.

Steven who came from United States and captured the heart of the people with his heartfelt young-like voice will continue to rise until he catches his victory. Tuko who is simple yet sings with emotions left a mark to be remembered as a man who definitely knows what song should he sing will not just give up easily for his ultimate goal.

Janine Berdin who was a child star before, now working her way to become a singer-superstar will sing her heart out to win the game of her life. And last but not the least, Ato Arman who is fresh from winning the Ultimate Resbak, who sings with all of his heart and knows how to relay the message of a song by like telling his story to everyone is close enough and would not let anyone end his journey in winning the title.

Six amazingly gifted vocalists with one dream, with one goal. Who among them will win the first spot of the Grand Finals this Saturday.

If this day's top spot would get a higher percentage than Arabelle's 92.90%, that person will advance to the Final round and would be closest to his ultimate dream of winning the top-rated show's contest. If that top spot would get the opposite result, then Arabelle would be named as the first contender to join the Final 6 of the competition.

Video courtesy of Facebook/Tawag Ng Tanghalan

We encourage everyone to vote and not to be complacent since this is the final week --- vote as long as you can. The person who performs amazingly well needs your support, so vote wisely --- vote for a dream who deserves to come true.

In the end, there can only be one winner, and whoever loses the opportunity to win this season, he should be proud for making this far.