The It's Showtime's first Tawag Ng Tanghalan ultimate resbak (revenge) day of the week is done making JM Bales as one of the owners of the seat of power --- he is the top earner of people's votes, while the other seat belongs to Mark Douglas Dagal who earned the highest points from the judges --- ranking is based on their online live performances last May 18th, via YouTube Live.

Since JM and Douglas owns a seat, they (each of them) got a power to choose one of the remaining resbakers to compete. What will happen is, JM's choice will compete against Douglas' choice. Whoever wins among the two choices will then get the chance to pick who among JM and Douglas would he/she like to dethrone in a sing-off battle.

JM Bales (left), Mark Douglas Dagal (right) | Images from YouTube/ABS-CBN Entertainment, JM Bales Facebook, Douglas Dagal Facebook

This would continue with different resbakers everyday until the final 2 contestants who are able to retain the seats of power will advance to the Finals, together with those other finalists from different quarters.

JM picked Quarter 2 semi-finalist John Raymundo, and Douglas based his choice to JM's pick --- picking Quarter 2 semi-finalist Rico Garcia.

The two of them sing-off. John singing his "Kiss and Say Goodbye" by the Manhattans which made the audience felt the song and be moved.

Rico then pulled out a classic song by Anthony Newly, titled "What Kind of Fool Am I?" with emotions and power.

After their performances, the judges talked about the battle.

Jaya said that she was happy to see both of John and Rico competing on the first day since the both of them will become an inspiration to younger contenders in the competition 'on how to fight for your dreams'.

After the judges talked about the match made in heaven performances, the judges chose John over Rico to advance to the next round.

John then can choose which among JM and Douglas he would like to dethrone. John said that whatever the outcome, he is happy to be part of the show and made it [that] far.

Since the competition needs to continue, John then picked JM for the final sing-off of the day.

JM, one of those who owned a seat of power at the moment, and the one who picked John to compete that day sang his version of "Wala Na Bang Pag-ibig?" by one of the judges 'Jaya'.

After JM's performance, John then gave his all in singing Barry Manilow's "Even Now" which made Douglas --- one of the owners of the seat of power --- left in tears.

Douglas explained that he felt everything with the performance of John --- on how thirsty is the man who wants to achieve his dreams. Thirsty in a way that even now he is still fighting for his dreams yet never lose hope and continue to believe.

The final sing off ended and this time it will be a combined points from judges and people's text votes.

Some netizens predicted it would be John since he gave a wonderful heartfelt performance, some said it would be JM who in the first place topped the rank as the highest receiver of votes among the 16 participants.

After a few advertisements, the show came back with the result. Host Vhong Navarro then announced the winner of that day. And the winner is under the name JM Bales.

The Ultimate Resbak will continue on Monday, who would be JM and Douglas' choices to compete.

It's Showtime airs every Monday to Saturday noon and can be watched thru online streaming like YouTube.

Video courtesy of YouTube/ABS-CBN Entertainment