An online citizen posted an image of a misprinted ₱100 bill after he withdrawn it from a bank's ATM. The image became viral since it is very unusual.

It was Tuesday when Reina Jean Prescillas had recently pulled back cash from an ATM in Quezon City and was amazed and somewhat stunned to see two ₱100 bills with an intriguing photograph of previous President Manuel Roxas.

Image from Facebook/Reina Jean Prescillas

She posted on her Facebook photographs of the ₱100 misprinted bill that demonstrated the previous President with what resembles a 'congenital fissure' or bingot.

'She pulled back cash and saw that her ₱100 peso bills have congenital fissure. Manuel Roxas has a misprinted lip (no cleft lip)', as she expressed.

Reina imparted to GMA that she didn't see the distinction until the point that she achieved home.

A year ago, an incident of misprinted bills had happened wherein some of it are faceless bills.

Today's incident made a lot of talks online where some netizens commented that Manuel Roxas was transformed to Manuel Ngoxas as the misprinted shows the former president of the Philippines as bingot.

Reina said she had educated the concerned bank about the experience.