An 89-year old woman named Ella Washington graduated last Saturday with an Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies following a recommendation from one of her youngsters to select in an online program.

'She is presently continuing after a four year college education in History'. said by the school, Liberty University in Virginia. She began through an online program in 2012 and completed her first degree in 2018 --- now, she's working towards another degree.

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Washington dropped out of school in the 6th grade to help in her family's homestead, as indicated by Essence site.

From there on, she worked with an assortment of employments while dealing with her 12 youngsters. She got a recognition at 49 years old from a grownup instruction program, however the current was her first degree. According to USA Today, she stated that 'studying [education] will enable you to influence the best life for yourselves and the individuals who to come after you'.

"She showed every last bit of her kids how to peruse, compose, and do math before their starting of schooling, similarly as her grandma showed her and her kin". Ellen Mitchell, her little girl, said her mother has dependably been a long lasting student with her craving for learning and seeking after a training turned into a family custom.

Truly no one can stop you from getting education, no matter who you are, what status you have in life, and even you have grown wrinkles, nobody can say you 'better stop learning'. What she is doing would be an inspiration to young people especially to her family and its coming generations, that once, there was an old woman in the family that never stop studying, never stop achieving her dreams, and became an inspiration worldwide. That story would make the young people study harder, and never stop in pursuing learning.