The Star Circle Quest Batch 1 Questor and now famous K-pop artist Sandara Park found malling with a transparent plastic shopping bag that has a stunning cost.

Last May 7, Sandara Park shared a photograph of herself at a shopping center in Singapore donning one of the most sultry new sack patterns to hit the runway this year from France-based extravagance mark Celine's collections for Spring 2018.

Image from Instagram @daraxxi

The thick transparent plastic bag dons the brand's logo on the front and additionally a notice, in four dialects, that peruses like this, 'To maintain a strategic distance from threat as suffocation fend off this sack from infants and kids'.

According to the Teen Vogue site, it conveys a sticker price of $590---around ₱30,000.

Sandara also worldwidely known as Dara has been in spotlight around the globe. Even after her adventure in Star Circle Quest, Sandara stayed in the spotlight and had a prospering singing and acting vocation in the Philippines. Be that as it may, following quite a long while, she backpedaled to South Korea.

In the mean time, Sandara Park continues returning to the Philippines. Among those Filipino VIPs who are near the South Korean star is Kapamilya TV have Robi Domingo.

Sandara Park and Robi Domingo are close friends. In any case, their closeness started hypotheses that she is associated with the last's separation with long-lasting sweetheart Gretchen Ho in light of a report. Both Sandara and Robi have beforehand talked and cleared that they are simply companions and they share a fellowship for quite a long while as of now.

As of late, on her Instagram account, Sandara posted three photographs of her taken when she was at a shopping center with her expensive plastic bag.

The transparent plastic bag is one of the Spring 2018 collections of the well known extravagance mark Celine which is situated in France.

Netizens were amazed about it and because it went viral, some netizens can't help but make their own image parody.

Images from Instagram @chelledeasis & @baekenemen

Last year, Sandara posted an image of her on her twitter with a look-alikey of the famous Balenciaga bag---she called it Bayongciaga bag which was purchased in the Philippines' famous bargain shopping district, Divisoria.

Image from Twitter @krungy21