The actress we know as "Booba", and with famous line "todo na 'to", Rufa Mae Quinto loses her mom as she posted on her social account, Instagram. 

Rufa Mae shares her message for her late mother Carol and reviewed her fondest memory with her.

Image from Instagram @rufamaequinto

She imparted their photograph to her little girl Alexandria and said it was their last picture together. She said that 'she adores her mom. And that she will always remember her mom's words not to be afraid, always be brave for her daughter'.

'It is painful to lose a mom', she mentioned following her mom's name, 'mama Carol. Rest in peace and they cherishes her'.

'This picture was taken 2 weeks prior because they are 3 generations there'. Rufa included that 'this is their last picture together but perpertually they will miss her mom'.

She was sad knowing that it's her birthday, but 'in any event that her mom just close her eyes and sleeping, her mom met the granddaughter, mama Carol was able to join the first birthday celebration [of Alexandria] and her mom saw her got married, get laid, now her mother may get laid as well'.

Her great fans quickly sent their sympathies for Rufa through the remarks segment.

It is really sad to see someone go, but there's no pain to see someone leaving knowing that they will be in a wonderful place out of pain.