The comedian-host and now a Quezon City-Councilor Roderick Paulate posted a safeguard obligation of ₱246,000 for criminal accusations over his claimed enlisting of apparition workers in 2010, on Friday.

Paulate landed at the Sandiganbayan (People's Advocate) on Friday evening, a couple of hours after the counter join court gave away his cases to the Seventh Division.

Image from Instagram @roderickpaulate

The safeguard bond that Paulate posted was in return for his temporary freedom for one check of infringement of Republic Act 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (₱30,000) and nine tallies of adulteration under the Revised Penal Code (₱24,000 per tally).

In the interim, Paulate's co-blamed, his driver and contact officer Vicente Bajamunde posted a safeguard obligation of ₱222,000 for one tally of unite and eight checks of adulteration.

Paulate and Bajamunde posted their safeguard even before the Seventh Division decides whether there is reasonable justification to arrange their capture and to continue with the formal trial.

Following their posting of safeguard, the Seventh Division set their arraignment on the 25th of May.

Documented by the Office of the Ombudsman on April 20th, the cases originated from Paulate's affirmed enlisting in his office 30 invented or "phantom" occupation temporary workers from July to November 2010.

The ombudsman said Paulate distorted a Job Order or Contract of Service including the marks in that of the imaginary contractual workers --- or in short ghost employees, to oblige the city government to apportion reserves for their pay rates.

Paulate and Bajamunde additionally professedly arranged invented Personal Data Sheets of the non-existent contractual workers and in addition eight General Payrolls affirming that the temporary workers each rendered 40 hours of administration for each week.

The ombudsman said that as a result of the adulterated payrolls, Paulate, through Bajamunde, could gather from the City Treasurer's Office a sum of ₱1.109 million store, speaking to the temporary workers' pay rates from July 1 to November 15, 2010. Bajamunde and Paulate purportedly appended to the General Payrolls the marks of the imaginary temporary workers to influence it to give the idea that they have effectively gotten their compensations.

It was in January 2016, when the ombudsman requested Paulate's expulsion from benefit for regulatory offenses of genuine deceptive nature and grave unfortunate behavior over the asserted employing of apparition temporary workers.

In December 2016, in any case, the Court of Appeals conceded Paulate's request of for survey and toppled the ombudsman's decision.

Roderick Paulate is famous on his movies and TV shows such as MTB (Magandang Tanghali Bayan: Noontime Show), Petra'ng Kabayo (Petra the Horse), Me and Ninja Liit, and more.