It was Monday when authorities towed an unlawfully parked car, morning, of a Public official in Quezon City --- news source: ABS-CBN.

The vehicle is under the ownership of Albay Representative Edcel Lagman as per Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA). The said towed car is a Hyundai Tuczon, with plate number 8.

Image from Twitter @anjo_bagaoisan

Traffic enforcers said that it was unlawfully stopped before an apartment suite along Scout Borromeo Street close EDSA. Be that as it may, the experts said it was the legislator's grandson named TJ, who was utilizing the vehicle.

TJ said that he requested that the driver drop him off the townhouse where he lives.

He conceded neglecting to advise the driver to continue to the carport rather than the stopping in favor of the road. He said that there's nothing he could do, it is his fault.

The MMDA issued a ticket to the official's child with possible fine amount atleast ₱2,500.

MMDA representative Celine Pialago said this isn't the first run through their staff towed a vehicle with a unique tag.

Public officials are human too, but we are just hoping to all officials [as possible] that if they made a mistake, it is a mistake that says "my bad, I tried my best but it really didn't work well today", and not a mistake that says "well if they caught me, I'll tell them I did right but it didn't work well".