No more Philippine Airlines (PAL) flights for the priest who made a joke about bomb inside a plane, happened on Wednesday morning.

Chief Inspector Ruel Baganes of Aviation Security Unit stated that the 69 years old priest who was from Dumaguete City was brought to the airport police station to be investigated.

Note: Not the actual image of the incident | Image from Pixabay

The incident made a 4-hour delay to the flight --- going back to Manila. All of the passengers in the specific flight were brought down while the authority were checking the whole area of the plane.

There's no bomb even inside the baggage of the priest.

As per Baganes, the cabin crew wanted the priest's baggage which has food inside to be placed under the chair. The subject [priest] has a great respect to food and that is why he did not follow the order of the cabin crew which is lately the subject got irritated, he said that 'don't be worried, it's not a bomb, it is just a food.

Baganes included that the priest whom he did not name will be facing charges. The unnamed priest was by then freed and was able to take a flight in the other airline.

He then added an information that passengers should always take note, not to ever pullout any joke about bombs. "If we are in the airport, let us refrain from mentioning or joking anything about bombs".

Anyone who will be proven violating the Presidential Decree 1727 will be in prison for 4 years and will be fine ₱40,000.