Philippine Arena is a very huge stadium, it is known by Guinness World Record the largest mixed-use indoor theater on 2014, based on Wikipedia. Philippines has tapped the 55k limit Philippine Arena to have the fantastic opening service of the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) this coming November of 2019.

On Thursday, Ricky Vargas, President of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) declared that the Philippine Arena is the principal alternative to have the opening services as the nation guarantees to put on a fantastic show. Vargas said that 'obviously, the objective is to demonstrate [our] best foot forward. All of the people in the Philippines are in dancing or singing. Filipinos are good in arts'.

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He then included that 'we will demonstrate to them what the Filipino ability is about.

In the interim, official chief of the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee Ramon "Tats" Suzara said that the opening function will be 'going in the level of advanced'. Suzara said that 'they're [we're] going advanced, obviously, they [we] have a go down of the typical, customary opening service that they got the national athletic stadium and light the fire there'. In spite of the fact that the authorities are as yet talking about the 'going advanced' angle, they said its is sure that the neighborhood arranging board of trustees is going hard and fast on its facilitating.

Suzara added that 'the readiness [we] are doing are in the Asian Games level. [We] are not completing a SEA Games level of arranging the occasions --- [we] are doing it in the Asian Games level'.

Vargas included that they are looking for help from the private division in regards to the subsidizing. The SEA Games is a biennial games occasion. The last two were in Singapore (2015) and Malaysia (2017.)

This is a great chance for Filipinos to show their capability in hosting or opening a huge show / game.