Actress-performer Nadine Lustre is known for her charisma, fierce character, and being part of a love team that is officially dating in real life.

This moment, there's a post of James Reid, her boyfriend-love team, that he will be going to Cebu and it seems Nadine is not in the picture making James Reid traveling alone.

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Some speculations came out saying that James Reid is going to Cebu to meet his real girlfriend. There's dependably that one couple that is scarcely observed without the other.

Now and again, it's astounding to see the other out in the open alone. Individuals basically accept that couples ought to dependably be as one --- despite the fact that that is not a genuine necessity.

Additionally, this is the same for Kapamilya couple James and Nadine.

The incident of seeing no Nadine Lustre on James taking a flight caused netizens to concoct awful things to state. A netizen communicated their sensitivity to the performing artist since his better half Nadine wasn't on the trip with him.

The netizen included that the couple were being self important with their relationship. Because of the online jabber, Nadine put down those netizens and their upsetting remarks.

Clearly, any sweetheart would be completely affronted on the off chance that she read a remark that way. The performer clarified that she was at that point in Cebu and the "genuine sweetheart" that James will meet was her.

Nadine and James have been available to open about their very nearly 2-year relationship.

In any case, bits of gossip continue testing them as a couple. All things considered, both Kapamilya stars keep each other solid. Similarly, Nadine as of late got out her supposed "bipolar fans" for being steady and disparaging of her.

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