Remember when Ellen Adarna posted an Instagram story that tells about the minor she tagged as paparazzi while they were feeding their tummy in a famous restaurant? The mother came writing an open letter to asked Ellen to say sorry in public.

Myra Abo Santos posted on Facebook as a mother of the 17 years old Eleila Santos, said that her girl and their family are profoundly harmed by what had happened.

Image from Instagram of Ellen Adarna

Santos composed, "we are contacting you to tell you how profoundly hurt we are by the unneeded pressure and undesirable consideration you caused after you posted a photograph and video of her on Instagram, with no assent from us". Santos likewise said that after her little girl was recognized in the model-actress video, Eleila instantly contacted Ellen to clarify her side.

Santos then said that 'after her companions educated her regarding the Instagram Story that Ellen posted where she was first recognized, she was develop enough to instantly compose a message secretly to the model-actress and clarify the circumstance---that she was taking film of her sustenance. They at first messed with it, supposing things would be settled rapidly and the 30 years old Ellen would assume the best about the two minors. Indeed, even her auntie composed a private message to Ellen, and said she is a minor. Be that as it may, the family didn't hear anything from the celebrity'.

She included, "Rather, you posted an uneven account and demanded incorrect and unwarranted allegations again on Instagram.

You have guaranteed my little girl is liable, inconsiderate, and has been more than once suggesting my girl is lying. You even said that you can deal with bashers and hoping that my youngster could, as well. I need to reveal to you that she isn't care for you, she never expected (needed) to.

She is a private person who has not by any means turned 18. As a big name, we would have figured you would comprehend the estimation of protection".

As indicated by Santos, Ellen's video and her absence of reaction shows that she needs to stigmatize Eleila.

The mother then said, "when we watched this video, combined with the absence of a genuine reaction from your side --- it was obvious to us --- you didn't need a clarification. You just need to criticize our girl openly".

Santos said they have started looking for lawful help, and that she composed the open letter as exhorted by their legal counselor.

She is additionally requesting a conciliatory sentiment from the model-actress for insulting her girl.

Santos then included, "as her family, we ask you to freely apologize to Eleila. We incline toward not to take this further, but rather as our exclusive girl, we are prepared to take this wherever expected to secure her respectability. As much as nobody has the privilege to break your security, you have no privilege to destroy my little girl's notoriety".

It was Friday when Ellen posted an image of a girl who's taking a video of his colleague & the food in the restaurant. She even subtitling the clasp, she stated that 'okay, here it is... You know the inclination. Felt uncomfy? When you PAP us, we PAP you as well! We are in resto. It's a tie.'

Ellen additionally utilized the hashtag #PaparazziMoves in another photograph of the young customers. Eleila, on her Twitter account, said she simply needed to post something about her nourishment, and did not see Ellen was there.

Some netizens are with Ellen, and some are on the girl's side and they said that as a celebrity, Ellen should've known how to handle this kind of situation.