"Brigada Eskwela", a name mostly used nationwide that will do cleanup and repair of school structures & classrooms for a whole week.

Most schools has started their weeklong cleanup.

Aside from the students, parents are participating, as well, to beautify the school and make their kids comfortable once the classes started.

Image from Coconut News

Yes, classes are soon to start, how ready are you?

Brigada Eskwela, otherwise called National Schools Maintenance Week (NSMW), is a yearly week-long action that unites all instruction partners to take an interest and contribute their opportunity, exertion and assets to get ready state funded school's offices, for the opening of the school year.

The Department of Education (DepEd) Memorandum No. 66-2018 set the rules of the 2018 Brigada Eskwela, guiding school heads to lead the pack in arranging the exercises equipped on making school environmentally cognizant, flexible, perfect and helpful for learning.

The authority likewise put accentuation on DepEd's require the group and different partners to reestablish their duties regarding state funded schools.

The Brigada Eskwela is a fun way of cleaning, as well, since this would be the first day you may meet your old classmates, your friends, your crushes, and your favorite teachers. This is a good introduction to students to be responsible with their garbage, maintain a good environment, and hand-in-hand in taking good care of the nature.

This event is mostly found in Public Schools that can't afford to have a janitor to clean the school, instead they would like to have their students clean, and if with parents --- they could, and this is all to make the school surrounding conducive to learning after a few months of being empty, or rooms were rented for awhile with spiders.