When it comes to news casting, Tulfo Brothers and Mike Enriquez are one of those prominent identities.

But Enriquez lighted up the fire, and he got a backfire from one of the brothers, Ben Tulfo.

Ben Tulfo (left) & Mike Enriquez (left)

Mike is on a 'word war' with Ben. The veteran newscaster of GMA Network was mentioned of making fun out of the issue on Department of Tourism's (DoT) unpredictable promotion purchase disclosed amid the blocked time of Bitag Media Unlimited, Inc. (BMUI), which is controlled by the sibling of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo [Ben].

Ben wildly composed an announcement routed to Enriquez and titled as 'Now it's my turn'.

He then said "Since you can make this serious issue a joke just like the twisted news of those yellow media like you... against the DOT secretary and the Tulfo Brothers --- Ben & Erwin. Mike, it is a serious issue, don't make it a funny skit. It should be the PTV4, the one you should be asking explanation because COA accosted the PTV4. The BMUI is under the PTV4! But you Mike, you [private activity] the news. Why wouldn't you [private activity] yourself?

He included that [Mike] made his brothers and himself a [funny stuff]. Then he discussed about returning the favor on a way Mike did to them.

"I would like to be proficient because we are prominent identities in media... yet you discharged the primary shot! I have no decision however fire back!"

"You folks ridiculed me to my detriment… I'm not going to give you a chance to escape with this. Prepare! I'll do my livestream. Exceptionally uncommon version. No nonsense. Unfiltered! Mike Enriquez, let me give you your very own measurements [bad word] pharmaceutical! It's me BEN TULFO! Watch out in 2 hours." 

Without a doubt, Ben completed a live video by means of his BITAG Live and derided Enriquez.

He even used an extemporized espresso pocket and a major canned of sardines, named as KO-PI-NYA and BUMA. A video is appended on this article. 

Bitag live posted as "ANO SAY MO, MIKE ENRIQUEZ (What can you say, Mike Enriquez)".

"Basahin at tignan mo maigi ang name ng sardinas mo (Read and watch carefully on what your sardines name is)".

Then added "BUMA [bad word] --- tomato with stew".

"You like jokes? Here, just a parody! Watch my Ben Tulfo Unfiltered livestream. Since you played on Tulfo Brothers. You even included the DOT Secretary Wanda. The issue is the PTV4, not me. COA, would just like to see the contract we have in Kilos Pronto (Tulfo TV News Show). You [private activity] the news with the snivel muchacho Joel Reyes Zobel, a [not so] media", he said.

Image from Facebook Live/Ben Tulfo Unfiltered

It proceed with "Mike and Joel, LIKE and SHARE this"!

On the 1st of May, as per an article from GMA News, Senator Francis Pangilinan asked the Ombudsman to investigate the ₱60 million-worth of promotions that the Department of Tourism had broadcast on state-run station PTV.

"The ₱60-million Department of Tourism advertisement purchase is all over profoundly sporadic and the Ombudsman should investigate it", Pangilinan said in a press proclamation. 

The agreement was influenced government-to-government as Teo to have safeguarded.

"The agreement is amongst DOT and PTV4. It was an administration to-government contract. It experienced an offering and it was inspected by our legitimate. All checks were made payable to PTV4. Wala pong cheke na pumunta sa ibang generation house and it was done when… we issued the checks when the expectations were met."

In an another article lifted from Rappler website, it said that People's Television Network Incoporated's (PTNI) dispensing records in 2017 demonstrated three checks were issued to BMUI adding up to ₱60,009,560 and these are recorded as takes after the following:

  • discharged on 11th of May 2017 --- ₱22,089,560, with payment voucher number 17050779
  • discharged on 8th of November 2017 --- ₱18.96 million, with payment voucher number 17102125
  • discharged on the 15th of December 2017 --- ₱18.96 million, with payment voucher number 17122485
In any case, Commission on Audit (COA) said there was no appropriate documentation for the three installments made to BMUI, as PTNI neglected to exhibit a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or a Certificate of Performance on the payment.

COA said that because of the nonappearance of the records specified and the inadequacies noticed, the precision, lawfulness and legitimacy of the installments made to Blocktimer BMUI in the measure of ₱60,009,560.00 couldn't be found out.

Along these lines, this is infringing upon Presidential Decree No. 1455, arrangement of 1978 or the Government Auditing Code and COA Circular No. 2012-001, which records the required archives for government exchanges as pointed out by COA.

In spite of the fact that there was no confirmation on the inconsistency of the said exchange, Ben took to his Facebook page, especially on the BITAG Live his disturb over Mike and a specific Joel.

He even went similarly as posting another joke as an assault to GMA 7's communicated writer.

Update: Mike acted no care on Tulfo's revenge.