People's champ, and now a senator in the Philippines, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, is truly an inspiration to everyone. A person despite of achieving his dreams, he never forget his roots.

In a Facebook video posted by Jen Manilay, Pacquiao, together with his people, was captured talking to an ice cream vendor saying that he will give the ice cream man a house and lot.

Image screenshot from Facebook/Jen Manilay

General Santos City was having a sweltering climate and chose to call the ice cream man named Marciano. Manilay purchased 10 bits of ice cream and would pay an amount of ₱1,000 when the senator requested to meet the hardworking old man vendor.

Manny then provided an amount of ₱3,000 to Marciano.

Yet, amid their talks wherein the seller uncovered that he had recently endured a stroke yet at the same time needed to work, Pacquiao chose to give more.

He chose to offer ₱30,000 to Marciano. In any case, the story didn't end there in light of the fact that when Pacquiao discovered that the depleted dessert merchant with three kids was just leasing, he offered them a house and parcel and even a vocation.

Manny Pacquiao and his family, during son Michael's birthday | Image from Facebook/Manny Pacquiao

"And [Manny Pacquiao] abruptly said, are you renting? One week from now I will give you house and lot", Manilay expressed. Marciano did not expect great things to happen for himself and his family on that day, especially that he was offered a job, as well, by the man with an amazing heart, Manny.

Videos Courtesy of Facebook/Jen Manilay