As the Muslim heavenly month of Ramadan started on Thursday, the 17th of May, President Rodrigo Duterte focused on the requirement for forfeit to help groups.

The President said in his Ramadan message issued on Wednesday, May 16th, that 'as we put forward into a time of progress, one must make penances to beat individual challenges, as well as to make important and enduring steps in our groups'. He included that 'by showing the honorable lessons of Islam, it is my intense expectation that you keep on doing great deeds for poor people and the underestimated individuals from society'.

Image from Pixabay

Ramadan is a heavenly month for the world's almost 1.5 billion Muslims, a large number of whom hone the custom of sunrise to-nightfall fasting and supplications. Convention holds that it was amid Ramadan that the Prophet Mohammed began getting disclosures of the Muslim sacred book, the Koran. Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam.

For the Filipino Muslims, brothers and sisters, we are one, and we wish you the best in life!