The Chuva Choo Choo star and Magandang Buhay host, Jolina Magdangal, gave birth to a baby girl via caesarean operation.

Vika was the name both herself and husband Mark Escueta named to their second child.

Images from Instagram mariajolina_ig & @markescueta

Jolina posted that her joy overshine everything, but she did not hide that she is nervous and has fear as well because the child was born caesarean and it has a gestational diabetes.

Mark and herself has a hashtag for their baby, and it is #TeleVika. It is also cute and funny to read the story of her eldest, Pele, and how he made himself ready to his upcoming baby sister.

Many of the people relate to what Jolina shared that they have a hard time with Mark talking about their baby sleeping on her own bed within their room to Pele. After Pele cried, she also cried.

Having a baby is really awesome especially when you see them face to face. The baby would make you feel good and successful.

They are the source of power and energy --- they become your inspiration and your strength.

It feels so good when you get home knowing that a little angel is waiting in your home, waiting for your warm embrace, and wanting for your cuddle.

Yes, a baby became your responsibility, but the joy they give most of the time is worthy of your hard work. Not just worthy, but more than worthy.