After issue concerning about his health circling around the internet after his current photograph was shown online, movie action star Jet Li ended his quiet after that gossipy tidbits. The Chinese actor who is world-widely known & turned into a Singapore native in the year 2009, was found with an unidentified man helping him while going by a sanctuary in Tibet --- via photograph spinning around the internet.

Li, 55-year old, known for his movies, for example, "Kiss of the Dragon", tended to the bits of gossip without precedent for a Facebook post on 23rd of May, Wednesday night.

Images from Weibo & movie "Once Upon a Time in China"

"I might want to thank every one of my fans who communicated worries about my well-being. I'm doing incredible and feeling awesome! I'm eager to impart to all of you a couple of undertakings I am taking a shot at soon. Until further notice, thank all of you for your worries".

Numerous fans from over the world were thankful that he had put the bits of gossip to rest and a few of them wished him a fast recuperation. Li additionally shared a cheerful video on Chinese online networking stage Weibo of him handling the current theory. In the video, he said that somebody had given him a 'life span elixir' amid his trek and he will carry on with a long life, so fans require not stress over him.

Li was determined in year 2010 to have hyperthyroidism, which causes side effects, for example, resting issues and muscle shortcoming. Li's chief Steve Chasman, on Wednesday, conceded that the man in the viral photograph was Li, however he suppressed online bits of gossip over the performing artist's weakness, revealing to an online news website that Li is totally fine, 'that there's no hazardous sickness. He's fit as a fiddle'.

His fans reacted with in excess of 10,000 preferences after a post of clarification with the said rumor placed. Numerous sent their all the best and shared remarks, and were upbeat that he seemed sound --- a long ways from his sanctuary photographs.

Truly Jet Li is a treasure, and everyone cares as much as we.