This girl is so pretty that a two face from beautiful actresses combined to form as her. We all know that Kathryn Bernardo has an outstanding looks, and Kim Domingo as well, but this girl came as pretty as the actresses mentioned as well. She might be bashed for having the same looks as the mentioned celebrities earlier, but she came to business for work.

Images from Instagram @ayeeshacervantes

Her name is Ayeesha Cervantes. She made it to the new list of Kapuso artists. Her beauty came to the social media world where she became viral after having resemblance with the famous Kathryn.

What made her more stunning is just like Kathryn, her face is innocent and sweet, no wonder why there is too much resemblance to both of them from the opinions of some netizens.

Images from Instagram @ayeeshacervantes

In any case, her likeness to the Teen Queen isn't the main thing which makes her fascinating. Actually, Ayeesha is likewise a smooth artist and influenced a move to front of 'What They Want' with Adrian Pascual, who is additionally a GMA Artist Center ability. She can dance.

Adrian Pascual & Ayeesha Cervantes | Image from Twitter @AdrianPascual21

In spite of the fact that Ayeesha is just getting consideration just as of late, she has done different activities and featured in minor parts in different GMA shows, for example, Mulawin versus Ravena, Super Ma'am, Haplos, and in Kambal Karibal.

Her fans are clearly very eager to see more from Ayeesha's future tasks with the system, and a greater amount of her move covers, as well.

There is really a fact that people would have a look-alikey somewhere in the world. One proof for that is this new artist's resemblance to a fully nurtured artist with a big name in the industry in her generation. Such a coincident we can't place aside.

We just hope that people won't be comparing their skills and glamour in hope of making somebody better while putting the other one down. Let us give them a life that all of us, as well, wanted to live.