Ellen Adarna who was asked by the parents of the minor, whom she posted on her Instagram account, to make a public apology for what the actress did to the young girl.

The incident happened when Ellen posted an image of two minors, calling them paparazzi, whom she said were capturing some images or videos of hers and colleague John Lloyd Cruz in a resto, and she even defended herself against the minors as she explained her side using series of Instagram stories.

Image from Instagram @maria.elena.adarna and Balita

Ellen was not happy of people taking them photos without their consent.

The problem here, the family of the minor contacted Ellen to fix everything but they got no response from the actress. The two minors are now being bash by online citizens which could give huge effects to their lives.

The girl minor did explain herself online that she was just capturing their food but none of these fix the issue. After the steps done by the minor and her family, they talked to their legal counsel and was advised to ask Ellen to do a public apology after the actress spread the allegation --- and not willing to response to their messages to fix the issue.

She was given 5 days to apologize but all followers of the actress just seen her pedicuring on her Instagram story.

As indicated by SmartParenting, Myra Santos, the mother of 17 years old Eleila Santos, recorded a "kid mishandle, cybercrime, and slander" case before the Pasig City prosecutor's office on Tuesday, May 15th.

Santos' grievance comes seven days after she presented an open letter on Adarna on Facebook, wherein she requested that the performer issue an open expression of remorse inside 5 days.

Santos additionally alluded to conceivable legitimate activity should Adarna neglect to react.

Online people had different thoughts about the issue, it's either the girl lied or Ellen was just overreacting, and some netizens even said that Ellen should know that being a public figure asking for privacy would be so hard to be granted --- and to assume things the way your mind is thinking about an action is another impact that could make a scene.