On Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte uncovered the names of a few of government authorities under scrutiny for fraud. The President hates corruption so much that even close friends and supporters did it, must have say goodbye.

Duterte said Atty. Ambrosi Basman, Atty. Rohani Basman, Atty. Samina Sambaco Macabando Usman (DOJ prosecutor), Amisa Lumogtod, Amelkier Macabando, Atty. Benjamin Lanto (OIC Pasay City Prosecutor) as among the government employees being examined for fraud. Duterte told columnists in a possibility meet that "all of them are suspended as of now --- pending examination".

Image from Presidential Communications

Additionally on Duterte's rundown are examination prosecutor Clemente Villanueva, Assistant Prosecutor Florencio dela Cruz, Customs Intelligence and Investigation Division Director Adzhar Albani, NAIA-Customs region gatherer Ramon Anquilan, and NAIA traditions activities officer Lomontod Macabando.

Duterte said the Ombudsman ought to be the one to deal with the examinations including these authorities. The President as of late requested aide secretaries Moselemen Macarambon Sr. of the equity office, and Tingagun Umpa of the general population works and parkways office to leave or be shot.

Macarambon has just surrendered.

The Philippines is known for one of the world's corrupt countries as it never leaves the mark in the countdown, it is either move up or down, but it is still not a good thing to be part of the ranking.

President Duterte is working on cleaning the country in hopes of having the country unlisted in the said ranking.