President Rodrigo Duterte stated his point that '"it was United States and his antecedent Benigno Aquino III are the reason why there is a continuous military base development in the South China Sea" since it all began during Aquino's term [why he didn't do something about it].

It was on Friday when Duterte said it. Aquino did not do his part to stop the military base development.

Image from AP Photo/Bullit Marquez

He was responding to media reports days sooner referring to U.S. knowledge evaluation that China may have sent against ship and hostile to flying machine rockets on three simulated islands in the South China Sea amid late military bores in the challenged region.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque told columnists Saturday that the legislature will depend on strategy and every quiet measure accessible to address the issue.

Duterte said in a discourse in Davao last Friday that 'you can't assemble an island, counterfeit island on the high oceans. That is not permitted. What's more, the main nation who could have halted them was America'. He said Aquino neglected to go up against China with the choice of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, mistakenly saying Aquino was still in office when the decision turned out.

Duterte stated that Aquino recorded an intervention case. Philippines won. He was still there. Why he did not do anything if that is their energy, those yellow [supporters]. They won. Aquino was still there, not all the numerous months there. Why they did not go up there and call them out.

the Philippines conveyed its question with China to global intervention under Aquino's term. The decision turned out on July 12, 2016 --- a couple of days after Duterte expected office --- negating China's tremendous regional claims toward the South China Sea on authentic grounds and governing overwhelmingly for the Philippines. Duterte has declined to request China's prompt consistence with the decision, yet has guaranteed to take up the council choice with Beijing at some point amid his six-year administration.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on Saturday said the Philippine government will fall back on strategy over the charged Chinese rocket frameworks conveyed in the challenged islands of the South China Sea.

At the point when asked how government would address the circumstance, Roque stated that 'it incorporates everything that is accommodated in the United Nations Charter, it incorporates fall back on discretion, depend on conciliatory challenge if the Department of Foreign Affairs considers it fit, yet it resorts to all types of tranquil resolutions of debate'.

U.S. barrier authorities said that China has allegedly sent rocket frameworks or we call missiles in three islands of the South China Sea amid their activities a month ago.

The approach, Roque stated, gains by China's relations with the Philippines.

He said that friends don't utilize savagery against each other.

MalacaƱang prior rejected cases that the rockets were gone for the nation.