CLE Home Game 4 - LeBron James scored 22 points as of Half Time, Cleveland Cavaliers (CLE) making a lead in the first game, and 1 point behind during the 2nd quarter yet still leading before the 3rd quarter.

In the 3rd quarter, Boston Celtics (BOS) made the first score and it is continuous. During that time Cavz Kevin Love and Celtics Marcus Morris gave an amount of fouls to their respective team.

Image from TSN

Boston got a good start earning more points for a few minutes leaving Cleveland no additional point until the last 9 minutes of the game.

Around 8:58 minutes, CLE shots its first points by LeBron James and then the magic of scoring continues for CLE from that point. Love got another foul having Morris scored
additional 2 points for Boston.

Love continued to give foul, a total of 5, which made him sit on the bench for a moment. The foul happened with Jayson Tatum, letting Tatum earned another additional points for BOS.

James seems to love the number 8 as he continues to score at 7:28 after his other shot at 8:28 and the earliest 8:58.

Although James is scoring, Boston did not stop from getting additional points as they continuously scores on this quarter.

Morris, who as well a foul maker in BOS this time had to sit on the bench as he made another foul against George Hill at 6:43.

A great thing happened inside the court as James layup did great after a rebound happened slipping away from his hands turning the ball into Celtics hands but was greatly blocked making the ball back to James.

Another heated happening was when Hill was supposed to shot at 25.5 seconds but Rozier was holding the ball with power, it made Hill snatched the ball and throw it to the lying down Rozier's head.

3rd Quarter ended having Cleveland still in the lead with 89-76.

During the 4th quarter's start, James was still sitting on the bench until 8:28 minutes on the clock. On the time that James was not playing, Celtics secure shots.

James came back to play after a short break and it made additional points for Cavz, and at 6:01 (timeout happened) James already got a total of 37 points for that night.

In less than 5 minutes of the Final Quarter, Boston is in the heat, scoring simultaneously --- until James did his thing, helping his teammates to score, and did an absolute rebound after his missed shot which the ball went back to his position earning additional shot.

It's 4th Quarter and it is 'I love you' as James scored a great 3 points at 1:43 --- getting a total 44 points on that night.

The game is intense but still CLE score is hard to beat especially having less than a minute with a massive score gap.

The game ended and Cavz win it with 111-102. It's a good come back from twice defeat from the previous basketball games.

"7 seasons, making it to Finals, how did you do it", someone from the news team asked James.

James answered that he put a lot of working and the Man above giving him energy... putting himself in the best condition, and glad that his teammates and coaches trust him.