The government just recently named a new Tourism Secretary under the presence of Bernadette Romulo-Puyat. She said on Thursday that 'she has suspended all activities of the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) headed by Cesar Montano pending a survey she asked the Commission on Audit (COA) to lead'.

On Monday, Puyat authoritatively assumed control over the post after Wanda Teo left the office a week ago, who had been involved in a debate over the Department of Tourism's ₱60 million TV promotion position that went to a show created by her sibling in state-run station PTV 4. She said she has asked for the COA to explore all tasks of the office.

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Puyat included that Montano consented to the racking of his undertakings, including the questionable 'Buhay Carinderia' program that did not experience legitimate offering. She disclosed to CNN Ph that she composed COA Chairman Aguinaldo requesting that he survey the Buhay Carinderia. They can talk about the program, yet she think this is as of now up to the Commission on Audit. Meanwhile, they won't proceed with the task until the COA gives their discoveries.

The secretary said she discovered that the 'Buhay Carinderia' venture did not experience offering, rather through a sponsorship, including this is a typical practice in TPB. She said that 'there is no offering but there is sponsorship. Herself is more confident with offering --- bidding'.

Puyat said the primary tranche of installment --- ₱80 million of ₱320 million --- was at that point got by the coordinator and advocate of 'Buhay Carinderia', a task that means to advance neighborhood restaurants. The tourism secretary said TPB paid ₱80 million to Linda Legaspi, the President and CEO of Marylindbert International.

The advertising association in 2001 started 'Carinderia Fiesta'.

This year, TPB cooperated with the association to organize 'Buhay Carinderia'.

Puyat, additionally the director of the TPB, said this isn't the correct procedure.

She even contrasted TPB's procedure with the offering routine with regards to Department of Agriculture where she served for over 10 years.

She said that 'since she is currently the Chair, she wants offering/bidding. She wants everything to be transparent. She is not comfortable that the first tranche will be given which is ₱80 million per one person. Don't take it personally. You [that person] need to take after the law'. As the Chair, she thinks she has the privilege to change the procedure. It's money of the countrymen. ₱80 million is ₱80 million", Puyat included.

She additionally addressed why the main tranche of installment was completely paid while the task has not been done yet. She said she isn't open to completing a program regardless of whether the agreement was marked by her antecedent surrendered Secretary Wanda Teo.

She said that 'even the contract was signed before her chance, if she has doubt, she's more comfortable if everything is straightforward, there's bidding. With this one, she is unsure due to the way it works'. Regardless of inquiries concerning the preparing of the venture's papers, Puyat protected Montano's part in TPB, the advertising and advancements arm of the Department of Tourism. She said that 'she trusts that he did everything in accordance with some basic honesty, yet this is up to the COA'.

Puyat said she didn't request Montano to present a civility renunciation --- like what she improved the situation her collaborator secretaries and undersecretaries, in light of the fact that he is in a remnant limit and is set to abandon his post by June.

The Tourism Secretary likewise tended to the reports Montano surged his dedication as a keynote speaker in an occasion in New York City to watch Broadway melodic 'Hamilton'. Puyat said Montano clarified he was there amid the whole occasion, yet amid his discourse he saw the group was getting fretful, which incited him to make a joke.

People were exhausted so Montano just pulled up a joke about 'Hamilton ticket'.

She said Montano appeared to be earnest with his clarification.