Ai Ai delas Alas is the Filipino rap amass 'Ex Battalion' talent manager, and after receiving some information from some citizens, some parties or candidates use the melody of the Ex Battalion's song 'Hayaan Mo Sila' (Let them). The usage of the song without their consent is unapproved and can be charged by the law.

Ai Ai posted on her Instagram a photograph of her demand tending to nearby Barangay candidates who have utilized or is intending to utilize the group's hit song or its tune.

Image from Instagram @msaiaidelasalas

On the note, it says, "we ask for, in the soul of trustworthiness and reasonable play, the concerned people to stop and oppose from such unapproved utilization of the tune and its tune. If it's not too much trouble be prompted that the group [Ex Batallion] maintains its authority to benefit of the cures under significant laws managed it. Much thanks to you".

Ai Ai also left a contact number on the photo's description who are intrigued to utilize the song or tune with consent.

She stated that for all candidates, councilor in Quezon City and also there in Makati, and to all who are using the song, if anyone would want to use the song, they just need to contact 0917 750 0291, and then she added thank you in the end of the message.

Some netizens were not happy to hear that the group would like to have the candidates contact them in using the song as it was in news before that they had just copied the tune from an international singer. And even got removed from YouTube after copyrights issue.

Well, some of the netizens agree with it. As the group paid the international tune maker, they got also the rights to collect or be credited from the usage of the song.