Lolit Solis posted some talks that refers to the Queen of Talk, Miss Kris Aquino. Kris Aquino and Lolit Solis are known to be closed to each other, but there might be a beef between the two of them after some exchanges of words.

Showbiz argument between celebrities are not new and sometimes its healing takes time.

Images from Facebook/Kris Aquino & IMDB

In an extensive Instagram post, Lolit Solis discharged an unforgiving remark went for Kris Aquino concerning her shameful conduct amid the birthday festivity of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.  She said that 'the story about Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista is never ending. Here's Kris again making a scene, went to Herbert's birthday party, see, it's a news again. Kris Aquino is really a Media sharp, eversince newsmaker, she knows where and how to get the media's attention, and she is really a news commendable'.

Additionally, the showbiz editorialist even simmered the TV host-actress about her up and coming Hollywood romantic-comedy film called Crazy Rich Asians. She said that 'she went crazy to see a lot of news that she will be part of a Hollywood film, but she was never in the trailer, to think that she brought her whole glam group in Singapore. Beyond any doubt --- Kris has spent more than her talent fee with motion picture'.

In conclusion, the constantly questionable columnist conveyed her desires to Kris Aquino in an apparently mocking way. 'Tetay (referring to Kris as Tetay is Kris' impersonator) is really a character clamor. Hopefully she will be able to find her genuine romance, the one that will never escape so that she'll be cheerful perpetually, Kris is good if she has no seizures', Lolit said in a post.

Kris Aquino, then again, had no chill by the way she answered. She said, 'Hello Nay (Mom). I have a debt gift to you. I have never hidden the fact that I have at most five minutes of screen time in Crazy Rick Asians. But it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I grabbed it'.

Her response with the talent fee was, 'the talent fee... she thinks it paid for her @michael5inco gown', she as well noted that 'Warner Brothers has a strict non disclosure agreement'.

'But when people watch the movie they will understand on why she felt the excitement', she included.

Kris then reminisce the things before, 'she remembered Lolit gave her such wise advice on why artists choose to have luxurious cars. Lolit responded that Tetay (calling Kris that way again), that's what the people see. If she wanted to have an expensive amount of Talent Fee, she should look like her price is stable and can't be lowered'.

The Queen of All Media never forgot those words and even put it into practice on her spending with glam team and her wardrobe.

She added that 'she just went to Mayor Herbert's party after knowing that the party is just 3 minutes away from her shooting set'.

'If you invited me on your birthday, then [I would be glad] to go to your party and like the last time, the AMPAW (Chinese lucky envelope) I sent as a gift to you contains dollars'.

But then Kris added a kissing emoticon.

There is no clarification if they are okay or at the moment they are not talking to each other as the talks became hurtful to each other.

But in the end, It is still Kris' money and life, so every decision should be controlled by herself. We just hope that things go well to both of them.