After the rumor spread in the world wide web about Angeline Quinto (with Morissette Amon) talking about Sarah Geronimo's breakdown, Angeline is currently thinking about recording criminal allegations against her bashers --- in light of the passionate pressure the debate has given her and her family.

Image from Instagram @loveangelinequinto

This is in light of the issue wherein Sarah Geronimo's assumed fans blamed Angeline and Morisette Amon for ridiculing their object of Popstar's predicament amid her Las Vegas show this week. Angeline's administration Cornerstone Entertainment additionally resounded the artist's slants and said that they are investigating the likelihood of charging a criminal grievance against the said parties.

In a statement, "it has become obvious that some netizens have been unreasonably bashing Angeline Quinto for her affirmed dubious responses over the video depicting Sarah Geronimo's passionate breakdown amid her show in Las Vegas.

There is no fact at all to the said charges. Along these lines, we urge everybody to abstain from flinging unwarranted allegations and injurious articulations towards the gatherings, which are plainly hostile, and rather, demonstrate their help to Ms. Geronimo as we can just envision what she is experiencing at the present time.

We in like manner claim to the gatherings who coursed the false and defamatory data to be more mindful and to cease from rehashing such occurrence as it genuinely partialities the great notoriety of the gatherings included".

There is a law against bashing which is part of Cybercrime law, and that may be the spread of rumors to bash someone, stepping on somebody (commonly bashing), dirtying someone's image (cyberbullying), and more.

This may lead as well for penalty and jail. So you better be careful about being negative and voicing out your opinion.