After the Pop Star Princess, Sarah Geronimo, broke down on her Las Vegas Concert, Angeline Quinto and Morissette Amon are pointed by netizens after a hearsay spinning around the web.

Sarah, who cried in front of her audience due to feeling down and exhausted, became a nationwide talk. Her situation, as well, became a nationwide awareness to everybody who suffers from depression or exhaustion.

Morissette and Angeline on ASAP | Image from YouTube/ABS-CBN

After the incident, a rumor spinning around the web that an ABS-CBN staff saw Angeline and Morissette laughing and calling Sarah 'pabebe' (childish act).

Angeline then cannot stay steady after the rumor scattered around the world wide web, which in fact got to her after became a hit talk online. She then keeps on tweeting on her Twitter account to show her a video of the "laugh story" to certify the rumor, and let the ABS-CBN staff stand in front of her face to face.

She has a huge respect to Sarah, for everything Sarah has done in the entertainment industry. She knows how long Sarah started her career which is longer than her, and for that alone she has a huge amount of respect to the singer-actress.

Angeline has no idea about the rumor spreading, until she knew it on Monday. She then repeatedly asked the Popsters (Sarah's fans) to share the video of the overheard laugh and talk with her and Mori, and to kindly inform her who ABS-CBN staff is.

Morissette, also rose to fame after she picked Sarah as her coach on the Philippine version of The Voice. It means Mori and Sarah are close to each other as Sarah is like a young adult leading Mori on her journey during the contest.

This speculations are haven't certified and sadly it could add tension to the emotion of the pop star princess.

Meanwhile, Angeline will accept any name calls to her from Sarah's fans as she is more ashamed for Sarah about this hearsay issue.