As per Rent Jungle, as of April 2018, the normal lease for a loft or apartment in New York is $3,417. One room condos in New York lease for $2,868 a month by and large and two room loft rents normal $3,601.

Well, New York City (NYC) is a dream of some aspiring actors and actresses, most of them live in NYC to pursue their acting career. One of them is the amazing Patricia O'Grady who has been living in Greenwich Village paying $28 a month only for her Manhattan apartment.

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O'Grady moved into the best floor of a Greenwich Village stroll up in 1955 with three different flat mates.

In return for a reduced lease of $16, the four ladies would help clear the foyer. The unit had nothing aside from dividers and floor, so the young ladies, every single yearning on-screen character, added to it themselves with little conveniences and a sink.

In spite of the fact that alternate flat mates moved out, O'Grady never did, and thus, she had a definitive NYC supernatural occurrence --- $28 every month lease.

The owner did not continue to raise the amount as based on the law he can only add monthly in a whooping amount of $1.98 a month, and they become friends as well. The owner Adam Pomerantz said the actress came to his store and has really a great personality.

Sad to say, O'Grady, 84, was lethally struck by an auto only a couple of feet from her home in March 2018 which cause her death, however until at that point, she paid $28.43 just a month for her loft.

O'Grady was in a Johnny Deep film titled, "Arizona Dream" wherein she played as MC/Announcer.