Air Asia is one of the top airlines that flies locally and internationally, and now offers Piso Fare. AirAsia Philippines said it would offer seats for chosen residential and global flights for as low as ₱1 beginning on Monday.

Piso Fare is a common attraction for travelers, although some fees are not included but let us just admit, you're paying lesser than the original price. The Piso Fare of ₱1 base admission deal will keep running from the 21st of May to the 27th for set out from the 1st of November to the 13th of August, 2019.

Image from Wikimedia CC

It was posted on AirAsia's Facebook page on Saturday.

It didn't promptly uncover the courses that would go on special, however guided travelers to its booking site.

So prepare your card, and if you have a debit card --- reload it as soon as possible as Monday would hit soon.

Many Filipinos are fond of traveling and discounts, so having both of them together as one is precious to their eyes such as this Piso Fare.

The travel will be happening next year so there will be enough time for preparation, not only for the things to bring, but also with the pocket money as no one wants to go touring without any amount in the pocket --- it would not make you enjoy.

Some people expecting to have a massive online visits to their website that might cost trouble to the system where users may experience errors, but we do hope that the website is ready for the online shoppers who would like to take the opportunity of their Piso Fare offer.