Prom night is a time that finishes the secondary school involvement. It is actually about a celebration of your youthful self experiencing your growth as a person presenting your talent and creativity, beauty and character, involving in a sweet gesture of a little bit flavor of romance, but most of all, to showcase your confidence.

Notwithstanding, some additionally fear it, especially individuals who have issues with their physical appearance. On the 14th of February amid a prom night, grounds heartthrob named Chris Tutor demonstrated to his cohorts that everybody merited appreciate the night, paying little mind to their engaging quality. While wearing his smooth blue tuxedo, Chris moved the night away with his female companions.

Images from Facebook/Chris Tutor

Yet, it appears that they weren't just the young ladies that the grounds heartthrob needs to combine with. For the last tune, Chris went his way to a young lady named Lorraine and approach her for a graceful dance. Chris mentioned that ' he saw this young lady sitting far from the dance-floor area where every other person has been enjoying their dance and giggling and breathing vigorously.

He knew beyond all doubt that there's an issue and he likewise realized that he was intended to accomplish something. So he had to --- it's the best way to do [it]'.

It wasn't the first occasion when that Chris saw Lorraine.

He was at that point inquisitive about her from the begin in light of the general population deriding her which came about to 'her saved identity'. This influenced our heartthrob to understand the need to become friends with the young woman.

This fine young fellow is a steady achiever in their school. He was supervisor in-head of the grounds paper, and furthermore the leader of their understudy chamber. Notwithstanding the greater part of his accomplishments, it can't be denied that Chris experienced negative reactions too.

He was called kalansay (skeleton) from the 1st Grade to the 7th, in light of being underweight. That is when Chris understood that Lorraine is encountering the negative reactions he'd experienced previously. In their school, Lorraine has dependably been that kind of young lady who separates herself from a group.

She was even called parang pinukpuk ng pala (like being hit with shovel). Despite their disparities, Chris still attempted to request that Lorraine be his last dance which Lorraine happily obliged. With everybody's eyes in wonderment and judgment, the match still make the most of their wonderful dance on that prom night.

It is so good to see people having empathy to someone, not because that person pity a person's experience but because that person would like to enlighten a darkest night of that one. Such an inspiration and such a good moment for everybody to appreciate and learn.

Video courtesy of YouTube / GMA Public Affairs