Japan is an expensive country to travel with. Saving an amount of money before traveling the country would save yourself from depression.

The thing is ₱15,000 pocket money is possible to take and it would be enough to survive 8 days in Japan as a tourist, as long as you are not dreaming of purchasing Louis Vuitton bag there.

Gandam Statue. Image from Pixabay

The amount mentioned which is ₱15,000 does not include the air fare and your souvenirs for the people who waited for you to return in your homeland, Philippines. So if you don't have enough money, don't pretend that you are rich and buy stuff for those people in your neighborhood.

Some of the people won't appreciate your gift if they see the souvenirs' looks do not meet their expectations, and that's people nowadays.

It would also be good if you would book a flight that is under promo, and don't forget to check if baggage will cost you or not. Baggage fees are expensive, but try to see if there is an option of "Prepaid Baggage".

Accommodation is around ¥8,000 or ₱3,200 or more. Yes, it is cheap for an international hotel to stay in for 8 days.

You can always look it up and make a reservation at booking sites for hotel and resort reservations.

I am advising you to reserve a room for your stay on a hotel and resort booking sites before you travel in order to avoid the "no availability of rooms" sadness. And that no availability of rooms can't be happening when you are already there in Japan.

There is a house that can be rented just a few meters from Hiro-o Station or Hibiya Line. The house is clean and spacious enough.

You better check as well if there are people right there especially the owner that can speak in English because most of the Japanese speaks their language.

But then if you know how to speak the Japanese language, just don't mind checking the English thing.

The food I can say could be around ¥16,000, in Philippine peso, it is around ₱6,400 or more.

Japanese Bento. Image from Wikimedia Commons

There are variety of food to choose in Japan, and it would really depend on your own appetite.

The full meal in Japan that we found cheapest is the Japanese Curry Rice which price would range from ¥300 to ¥650. Sushi's price would depend on the shop itself, and mostly of those shops pricing the sushi around ¥100 per serving.

Japanese Bento is around ¥450 to ¥950, and the Ramen's price range would be ¥600 to ¥1000.

The food's location is near Tokyo Dome City, and these food are on small restaurants.

Most of the restaurants has made Japanese language as their way of communicating, so it would be hard on those who can't speak their language. Menu, wise, is still Japanese.

Breakfast could be Bento, bread, or cup noodles.

Try to spend as well on food in the streets, that would prevent you from being hungry. To travel without eating is a No! No.


You can try the Taiyaki, a sweet japanese fish-shaped food. This food price range is ¥100 to ¥300.

The transport budget would be ¥7,200 or ₱2,900 more.

Yes, Japan is expensive, but the transport is not bad. The subway stations are well arranged.

You can take the subway train if you are going from place to place. This could save you money.

Anyways, the subway stations are near the tourist spots, so subway train is a fit choice.

You may ride a bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station and that will cost you around ¥1000 per person.

The rest of your transportation would be the one using a PASMO Card. This is an IC Card for train tickets, vendo machines, and more.


Estimation of ¥4,500 top-up on you PASMO Card for your travel around Tokyo/metro.

Lastly, ¥1,200 fare from Ueno Station back to Narita Airport.

You may be curious on where would these fares lead you. A lot of tourist travel from Tokyo to Osaka, Osaka to Kyoto, but that would really be expensive.

There are a lot of places to go to in Tokyo. Just in Tokyo alone will make you enjoy the trip.

So, to answer your question about to where these fares may lead you, it will be around Tokyo only.

Of course, we would not like to just walk around the streets of Tokyo because we travel to experience things.

If you are asking if we can try to be more adventurous with the ₱15,000 budget, well, my answer is yes.

¥6,200 or ₱2,500 estimation would let you enjoy your trip.

Most of the tourist spots in Tokyo are for FREE. Some will cost you.

The budget allocated would be for tourist thingy like rides in Tokyo Dome City, few gates to some tourist spots, and souvenir photos.

You may include a visit to Ueno Zoo aside from Tokyo Dome City.

Tokyo Dome City. Image from Japan Tourism

Here you go, ₱15,000 is enough to travel Tokyo in 8 days.

If you insist of bringing souvenirs to your loved ones, you may purchase items from familiar brands and to tell you the price is lesser than in Philippines. For example, the price is 1,000 in the Philippines, in Japan it is in ¥1,000 only. Yes, same numbers but different amount when you convert it. Japanese Yen is almost half of the amount in the Philippines.

There you go, remember that souvenirs are not part of the ₱15,000 travel budget that we have breakdown.

Hopefully you will be able to go in Japan someday especially for those who did not experience traveling internationally.

Always check your budget daily in the morning or in the evening before you sleep. Plan the amount that you will spend on a day so  that when you walk around in Tokyo, you will just enjoy it and not walking while counting your remaining money.