It was an incredible night in China were the newest winners of The Singer competition was named, April 13, 2018.

It was an amazing battle started with the group of Jessie J, Tengger, and Henry Huo. The three were performing with their guest singers where KZ Tandingan, who is also part of the competition join forces with Jessie J's upbeat song "Bang Bang", together with Coco Lee.

Image courtesy of Hunan TV

Tengger performed with one of the traditional music singers, Wu Bixia who is also an elected representative of the National People's Congress, and on January 2018, elected the thirteenth CPPCC National Committee.

Henry Huo performed a duet with Cecilia Han, a Chinese singer and an actress of Miao ethnicity.

The first round goes to Jessie J, giving Jessie J the way to compete to the final round.

The second battle came in. It was a battle of Wang Feng and Angela Chang, the once we knew Romantic Princess of a Taiwanese drama which was aired in the Philippines (ABS-CBN's asianovela replacing Hana Kimi), where her leading man is the handsome, Wu Chun.

Wang Feng and Angela Chang were having guest singers as well.

In this round, Wang Feng won and was able to proceed to the final battle.

James Li competed with Hua Chenyu, both of them had great guest singers and luckily for Hua, he won this round advancing to the final round of the finale.

The road is not yet over for the eliminated four, as the one who gets the highest votes among the eliminated ones will still be able to compete to the final round. This time, Tengger came back to fight by winning the votes among the group.

Image courtesy of Hunan TV

In the final and solo round, Tengger performed first. He sang a beautiful song entitled "Wolf On Earth" originally sung by himself. Despite his age, his voice is still pure and in control.

Hua Chenyu was up next to Tengger singing Angela Chang's "Over the Rainbow".

Jessie J came with Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You".

Lastly, but not the least, Wang Feng sang his heart out for the song entitled "I Love You China".

The night was tough but amazing. The tough part was ended after the winners had been named.

Tengger finished fourth followed by Wang Feng in the third spot.

Image courtesy of Hunan TV

There was a nerve-breaking moment until Jessie J was announced as the Singer 2018 1st place (winner).

Hua Chenyu gave a fight and finished 2nd place.

The night was amazing, the fight has ended, but the moments will be treasured.