Administration official said on Saturday that a statue that portrays the story of comfort women in the time of Japanese power in the Philippines was removed since the Roxas Boulevard portion where the statue erected will be used to offer route to a venture enhancing the drainage framework.

The removal of the statue was done even though rights bunches reprimanded those in charge of bringing it down.

Image from: NOEL CELIS/AFP

Legal advisor Ericson Alcovenda, head of Manila City Hall, said the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) evacuated the statue at around 10 in the evening, Friday, to clear a path for its draining system change venture.

He said that around 10 in the evening, the one who removed [the statue] is the DPWH, not the City of Manila. We just provided supervision.

Alcovenda said they were told by the DPWH that three structures along that extend of Roxas Boulevard will be expelled.

"'The comfort women statue was the first one removed, next will be the marine officers. [This is] to make ready for the draining system change or surge task of the DPWH," he included.

He mentioned that as far back as where they stand, if the national government wanted to remove [the statues], [they] will remove it in light of the fact that they are being requested by the national government.

However, as it may be, it was expelled by DPWH under the supervision of the city corridor due to [DPWH] asked help from them, he included.

In an announcement, DPWH affirmed that it expelled the 3 statues Friday night to give path for the change of Roxas (Boulevard) Baywalk Area.

"DPWH will build a horizontal waste at Roxas Blvd. southbound close President Quirino Ave. Fortified solid funnels will be introduced at that region considered as the most reduced rise in Roxas Blvd. Such RC funnels will be guided for an outfall to Manila Bay", it said. 

"No less than two more footbridges will be introduced crosswise over Roxas Boulevard, one at CCP Central Bank and another at Pres Quirino region." 

Then, ladies' rights aggregate Gabriela denounced the unannounced extraction of the "solace lady" statue. Gabriela, in an announcement, asserted that the administration is similar to a criminal in the night, evacuated the solace lady or comfort women statue in Manila, including that the move was a profaning of Filipino ladies' nobility as it throws a foul affront on several Filipina sex slaves defrauded under the Japanese occupation.

Japan prior voiced its disappointment over the structure to President Rodrigo Duterte. 

Duterte reacted by saying that the statue is an image of opportunity of articulation, which relatives of solace ladies and living solace ladies are qualified for utilize. 

He then said that that is an established right which I can't stop. It's restrictive for me to do that.

In an announcement, the Department of Foreign Affairs conceded to the Office of the Executive Secretary on the issue. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines on December 8 disclosed the 2-meter-high bronze statue. 

It took after the erection of comparative statues in South Korea, China and Australia. 

An expected thousand of Filipino ladies filled in as solace ladies amid the 1941-1945 occupation.

Many are still alive and has still being affected by their experiences from the old times.