The legislature is hoping to assemble 8 noteworthy bridges or extensions that will interface a few islands in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as a major aspect of its huge framework development, the Department of Finance said in an announcement last Thursday.

President Rodrigo Duterte with Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III. With the arrangement to manufacture 8 noteworthy extensions that will connect a few noteworthy island bunches in the nation, as per Dominguez "Duterte is focused on the general financial program" that will make the nation's development more comprehensive. Image from Malacañang Photo

Back Secretary Carlos Dominguez III said the proposed connect ventures set to be submitted to the Investment Coordination Committee for endorsement incorporate the accompanying:
  • a 18.2-kilometer extension to interface Samar territories to the primary island of Luzon.
  • a 20-kilometer connect interfacing Leyte to Mindanao through either a submerged passage connect or a long-traverse overhead extension.
  • the 5.7-kilometer Panay-Guimaras connect.
  • the 12.3-kilometer Guimaras-Negros between island linkages associating these islands.
  • the 1-kilometer Bohol-Lapinig Island connect.
  • the 18.0-kilometer Lapinig Island-to-Leyte connect.
  • the 5.5-kilometer Cebu-Negros Link Bridge.
  • and the 24.5-kilometer Cebu-to-Bohol Link Bridge.

Dominguez said street systems will likewise be worked to supplement these scaffolds and change these territories into development halls.

"Be guaranteed that President Duterte is completely dedicated to the general monetary program that will make our development more comprehensive, our kin more prosperous and our groups more grounded and more secure," Dominguez said.

He said the assessed cost of the extensions (bridge) is 269.19 billion.

As we all know, Philippine islands are divided by ocean waters. There is really no way for us to cross without riding a ship, a bangka, a helicopter, and an airplane.

It would be great to travel with cars, buses, and any land transport rides because that would make us decide on what specific time we should travel. Not relying on the schedule of the ship companies, and airlines.

This would also prevent us from not attending important occasions if there is no available flight or travel by that time thru air and water since land would be an option by the time the bridges are constructed.

As a citizen, I really don't hope for the steadfast construction of this project since I want to have quality on establishing these extensions. The more it is planned and carefully made, the safer the travelers are.

This project would really boost our economy as well since imports and exports would be faster, more quantity in the delivery because land would be an additional way to send and receive for those who have ships and/or airplanes. And of course, new infrastructure is simply a good sign to know that we are growing as a great country.

Hoping for more great projects to come.