On Sunday, President Rodrigo Duterte said that the prohibition on sending Filipino laborers to Kuwait remains, throwing question over the destiny of a conceivable arrangement between the two nations for the security of Filipinos working in the Gulf state.

This created as Duterte engaged around 260,000 Filipinos working in Kuwait to simply return home.

image source: COCONUT NEWS

As per Duterte in a discourse in Davao City when asked what will happen to the memo of understanding between the 2 countries, Philippines and Kuwait, were pounding out, that the boycott stays for all time. There will be no greater enlistment, particularly for household assistants. Nothing.

The Philippines had set the MOU with Kuwait as a condition to end its arrangement boycott to the Gulf state.

Notwithstanding, as that happened, they figured in a political line after a video demonstrating the protect of bothered Filipino local laborers from their managers' homes in the Gulf state surfaced and became famous online on the web.

Kuwait saw the Philippine international safe haven's save mission as an infringement of its laws and power, provoking the ejection of Philippine Ambassador Renato Villa and the review of its agent to the Philippines.

Kuwait has likewise confined a few Philippine consulate work force associated with the protect.

The president said he assumes full liability for the occurrence, as it is his obligation as head of state to secure Filipinos working abroad.

Duterte said that he holds no resentment toward the Kuwaiti government over the abuse of a few Filipinos by their Kuwaiti businesses, and he would lean toward that Filipinos working in the Gulf state to be back home.

Duterte said that for Filipino experts who may wish to remain in Kuwait, there's no issue. Be that as it may, in the meantime he might want them to treasure and sustain their patriotism.

"For Filipino family unit benefit laborers, if your Kuwaiti managers need you to leave, at that point please get back home. Your legislature will do its best to enable you to return", he added.

Duterte additionally depicted the circumstance of Filipinos in Kuwait as a 'disaster', and that he will discharge extensive wholes to help OFWs with their predicament.

Talks between the Philippines and Kuwait for the MOU started following a string of detailed misuse and passing of OFWs, including Joanna Demafelis, whose body was found in a cooler in Kuwait in February, over a year after she was accounted for missing.

The passing of Filipinas at the Gulf state incited the Philippine government to boycott the arrangement of Filipino specialists there and start a repatriation program for the individuals who might want to get back home.

Preceding the conciliatory fold, Manila had said an arrangement for the assurance of Filipino specialists in the Gulf state would influence it to reexamine its organization boycott.

In this case, the Philippine government just wanted to protect its people. The video has been uploaded and there is no more thing the government can do but to accept the error if there is --- in which the president took the responsibility, and do something about what's best for the Filipino workers in Kuwait.

Life is very important. As we all know, people are working abroad to help their family, but losing your life is a different story. Just because you wanted to help your family, you are willing to take the risk, but that risk won't be helping as well at all. Your family might lose you, and that you can still help a family even staying in the Philippines. Losing you will lead to a situation of "you have helped but no longer can help".

There are a lot of ways to help your loved ones, just don't take the risk, if life is on the line.