After the Singer 2018 competition, what's next with KZ Tandingan? Well, we saw on KZ's instagram a photo saying about her participation on China's MODE Magazine.

Image courtesy of @kztandingan instagram account

You heard it right, China's MODE Magazine! That is a big achievement for this young singer who just made a name in the Philippines and now capturing the heart of the great Chinese people.

"For those who are in China! Please do grab a copy of next month’s issue of MODE Magazine! I’m on the cover", that is what here Instagram post which she posted a few photos.

On her photo, she was like under the sunlight dropping or rising while making a pose in a balcony's door. It is some kind of a dreamy vibe which is what the photos are trying to give to the audience.

She wears large earrings, beautiful wardrobe dress with a whitish cloth covering her waist, and I must say that it is stunning.

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KZ is now popular in China after her participation on China's huge television singing show, the Singer 2018 where Jessie J took home the 1st place.

She was able to beat Jessie J during her first battle where she sang Adele's big hit song, "Rolling in the deep", with her own twisted flavor on it.

KZ was able to sing a Chinese song as well, during the competition, with so much emotion and passion where most of the reactors who speak Chinese cannot believe the way she pronounce the language they have.

Sadly, she was not able to fight until finale but she was invited back to the show to be Jessie J's guest singer together with Coco Lee, a Hong Kong-born American singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, and dancer. She hit the rap and singing with the song "Bang Bang", which Jessie J has been part of originally.

Working on her home country, she was part of the singers who sung the newest ABS-CBN's summer station ID, "Just Love Araw-Araw (Everyday)".

The name KZ Tandingan was a name who rose to fame during X Factor Philippines days. She was mentored by Charice who is now known as Jake Zyrus, who was a judge of that X Factor talent competition by that time.

Filipinos are so excited on what will be the journey of KZ right now that she had made a name in a foreign country, China. And we certainly hope for everyone's support especially to her upcoming magazine cover that will be released next month.

We also hope that she will be able to successfully achieve her goals in life and continue to bring pride to the country, Philippines.