Ate Girl came to Gandang Gabi Vice (Good Evening Vice---a Fun TV Talk Show) to bring the comedian-host Vice Ganda a simple gift with amazing words to describe it.

Are you fond of watching the tandem Vice Ganda and Jaki on your television? The two are having their sweet parts on "It's Showtime's" Miss Q & A.

Image from Gandang Gabi Vice - Abs-Cbn

It started with Ate Girl, Jackie Gonzaga called Jaki by the rest, always walk with a turn around part which covers Vice whenever she hands the jar with 2 pieces of paper (having questions) to contestants. Vice always show his acting of being angry (for fun) on why this Ate Girl keeps on covering his appearance to the camera.

Until it came from an acting of being angry to an acting of showing love. Vice praises Jaki's beautiful face and Jaki is on the ride for it.

People love it! Vice and Jaki's chemistry wins the audience and even the people who are watching at home.

During a Gandang Gabi Vice show on the first day of April, Jaki together with Bela Padilla came as guests. Jaki got a chance to talk while holding a jar with sand grains inside.

Jaki said to Vice verbally in Tagalog and after translated in English, here it is: "Before, this jar contains few pieces of paper with questions, but now it contains sand grains. This is my gift for you".

"Maybe you're confuse why sand grains? It's summer, and I love beach. What I like the most about the beaches aside from the views, is the sand. Reason for that is sand grains are hard to count. It seems it has the same flavor on the reason why I became like this. I really don't know. Maybe you are just like them who are pretenders, who flatters a woman for nothing, men who give us hope but when revealed, it is just like holding someone and then let go. Sometimes I think, maybe you are the one (for me), or just like the other guys who left eventually. Your charisma is so on point (very powerful), huh. But sometimes, your eye shadows are more emphasize than my make up.

Image from Vice Ganda

Maybe I'm just really a sand that letting you take me by your waves. They say people go to the beach to have 'Vitamin Sea (C)', but I can see you are so weak and I think what you really need is the 'Vitamin Me'.

If I am a sand and you are the sea, until when will you take me by your wave? Until when will we be going just like this? What's the hindrance? Is it Kim Chiu (actress-singer) who always become a barrier between us? Or is it Bela who always make a show to show her love to you?

Thank you to the tiny sand grains that I have found you, even though you are so hard to locate. Thank you for the water, I'm no longer thirsty. Thank you Vice, because at some times there's you in my life", Jaki said.

Jaki shows her happy face looking like she won Vice's heart, and that made it funny to Vice yet very appreciative to Jaki's sweet and kind words.

Both of them are still on air on "It's Showtime". If you are a fan, well then, show your love to both professional artists.