The "Sherlock Jr" of GMA 7 ended their story last Friday, the 27th of April. Making the "Ang Probinsyano"(The Hillbilly) of ABS-CBN an unbeatable night time series for years now.

Now that Sherlock Jr's journey has ended, a new series came out just today, Monday, April 30th. It's "The Cure" leaded by Tom Rodriguez and Jennylyn Mercado on primetime, which is the same slot with the Ang Probinsyano.

The Cure & Ang Probinsyano | Images from GMA & ABS-CBN

The GMA series The Cure is the Nth show to compete with Ang Probinsyano, the story is somehow has a Walking Dead vibe.

The story talks about curing an illness yet an idea of an illness turns a human to a zombie is present.

However, Ang Probinsyano is still going strong as episodes are getting bigger and stronger.

What the possible negative side would be for Ang Probinsyano is only if an audience will get tired of following them and is giving a try to see The Cure. Many Filipinos like the US series' Walking Dead, and hopefully The Cure could give an excellent job portraying their story.

This series might not work well for younger audience as some actors portray as dead characters haunting humans would be inappropriate for them. Most kids won't like to watch either fully or partly horror.

Ang Probinsyano has been running since then, making it the longest running prime time series in this generation.

Here are some of the series that Ang Probinsyano beat on Prime Time:

  • Little Nanay
  • Poor Senorita
  • Marimar
  • Let the Love Begin
  • Encantadia
  • Mulawin VS Ravena
  • Alyas Robinhood Book 1 & 2
  • Super Ma'am
  • Sherlock Jr

Nowadays, Filipinos are picky when it comes to watching series. Many series has been flopped and some are very successful. The reason of success would probably be because of high budget, cinematography value, and the actors.

The new era of television drama is getting bigger, and the amount of budget is getting higher. This is due to audience who would likely wanted to see a some kind of a US or a Korean flavor to a show.