South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO is coming to Manila, Philippines to conquer the Filipino's heart, which they have won over for so long now, at the Mall of Asia Arena this coming 28th of April.

Expect a lively event where screaming due to excitement and love takes over.

Image source: Facebook/WeAreONEEXO

Their concert is named EXO Planet #4: The Elyxion, not the election which we know is fast approaching, but a paradise or a place where only the selected ones are allowed. That is so promising! It looks like there would be an out of this world explosions of performances, and many EXO-Ls are waiting.

EXO rose to popularity in year 2012 after the 2011 where S.M. Entertainment formed them. SM, not the super mall that you know, but one of the biggest entertainment company established in South Korea.

The members are composed of 9 good-looking multi-talented stars. They are Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun. Lay did not join the previous come back but he is still part of the group.

Just like some other group, EXO has some people who left the band, and those are Luhan, Kris, and Tao.

EXO has been popular until now. One of their top songs that I'm sure Filipinos would go dance as well is the "Ko Ko Bop" --- that was released last year 2017.

The group are also excited in meeting their Filipino fans once again, since their last concert held in Manila was last January of 2017.

They have also a massive success on their first ever concert in the Philippines last 2016. It means Filipino fans are not new to them, and that is why their love to the EXO-L's in the Philippines gone deeper.

The ticket price from VIP is ₱12,500 either seated or closest to the stage named POWER (which is in standing position). Upper Box is ₱7,500 per attendee, and ₱3,500 for General Admission.

I know KPop lovers can't wait to see these amazing stars rock their weekend.

Well, South Korea has really established huge stars, and it is still ongoing to carve new faces to A-list. Aside from their wonderful fashion taste, their music and looks are really representing an idol.

The first time I truly fell in love with KPop is with Boys Over Flowers. It was an outstanding joy to see the characters, the chemistry of each actors, the story, and more. After that, I followed different Kpop artists and I got hooked with different Koreanovelas.

I really know how it feels to have a chance to see and meet your idols. EXO is one of the finest groups, and this would be a fantastic concert.

Keep shouting and enjoy the weekend this weekend!