President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is going to Benham Rise soon to state the Philippines' sovereign rights over the immense undersea district.

Duterte said in a discourse Thursday night, a video of which was discharged Friday that one week from nowm he is going to Benham Rise and he will create an impression there that no one possesses this place [aside from the Philippines].

Image (left) from Bullit Marquez

He emphasized he "will go to war" if some other nation cases to claim Benham Rise.

Benham Rise is an undersea level 135 miles off the shoreline of Aurora area that traverses 13 million hectares.

The United Nations' Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf has remembered it as a component of the nation's broadened mainland rack --- giving the nation sovereign rights over the zone.

Duterte named it Philippine Rise after Chinese overview ships were seen there in March 2017.

The locale lies on the opposite side of the Philippine achipelago from the South China Sea, where the Philippines has regional debate with China.

Four different governments have regional claims in the South China Sea.

Philippine authorities said they will likewise name five undersea highlights in Benham Rise, declining to perceive names given to them by China in 2016 and 2017 however which stood out as truly newsworthy just early this year.

The administration was censured for its choice to enable China to lead look into in waters off the northeastern piece of the Philippines which incorporates Benham Rise, in association with the University of the Philippines-Marine Science Institute.

China later elucidated the examination was done in waters under the Philippines' purview, however not in the Benham Rise. 

Benham Rise, named after U.S. geologist Andrew Benham who initially found it in 1933, is accepted to be rich in marine assets, flammable gas, oil, and minerals.

Philippines won the ownership when we talk about papers, it is just we cannot deny that our forces is not enough and worth enough to die for this wonder if someone would like to take it and own it.