The DFA or Department of Foreign Affairs will summon today the Kuwaiti agent in Manila to look for a clarification on his administration's request to oust Philippine Ambassador Renato Villa.

The DFA said in an announcement issued late Wednesday night that the move made by the Kuwaiti Government is profoundly exasperating as it is conflicting with the confirmations given by Kuwaiti Ambassador Musaed Saleh Ahmad Althwaikh amid his gathering with Secretary Alan Peter S. Cayetano in Manila on the 24th of April, Tuesday.

Image from DFA

The DFA said it will ask Ambassador Saleh to clarify for what good reason the Kuwaiti government reneged on the assention came to with him to cooperate to move reciprocal relations between the Philippines and Kuwait forward.

In the announcement, the DFA recognized it has been educated that the State of Kuwait has proclaimed Villa inadmissible and was given just a single week to come back to Manila.

DFA added that in exchanges at each level with Kuwait, the Philippines has constantly stressed that the prosperity of Filipino nationals wherever they might be will dependably be of principal significance.

It included that the assurance of the rights and the advancement of the welfare of Filipinos abroad will dependably be the directing guideline of the Philippines in its association with nations around the globe, including Kuwait.

On Wednesday, Kuwait's state-run news organization revealed that Villa had been given one week to leave that nation following the political column started by the safeguard of troubled Filipino specialists from the family units of their bosses.

Video clasps of the safeguard were transferred and appropriated to the media by DFA Assistant Secretary Elmer Cato.

Cato heads the DFA's Office of Public Diplomacy.

In one of the video recordings coursed by Cato, a gathered female OFW is seen running towards a holding up SUV while being helped with her gear by a man talking in Tagalog.

Before long, the Kuwaiti government summoned Villa three times and was presented with 'dissent notes' over the charged 'improper conduct' by certain Philippine Embassy staff who took an interest in the save mission.

Kuwaiti experts captured four Filipino people who apparently participated in the protect of upset OFWs.

Cayetano apologized to the administration and individuals of Kuwait for the direct of the safeguard mission, saying that it was done in the soul of crisis activity to secure Filipinos --- said last Tuesday, 24th of April.